The Bee and the Acorn: A Memoir by Paula Susan Wallace - Paperback

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“In 1977, the world was ready for something new,” writes Savannah College of Art and Design president and founder Paula Wallace. “All around us, dreamers were dreaming up new ideas: Star Wars, The Clash, Apple. I was nearing thirty and … wondered if I could do more.”

What happened next would change the face of higher education. An engaging, moving and inspiring memoir, The Bee and the Acorn traces the journey of Wallace and her family to the historic Georgia coastal town of Savannah, where they set about creating a new university for the arts. The tiny college would be a radically different kind of institution, buzzing with progressive ideas about what education could be and what it should do for students. SCAD has since become one of the largest and most highly regarded arts universities in the world.

Paperback, 218 pages
Publisher: Assouline
Language: English