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Vibration Affirmation Candle Hand poured - apricot and coconut w/ wood wick & crystal healing elements

This luxury gift set includes a Lazaretto Flame Snuffer. Each snuffer is adorned with oyster shells and sea particles found along Lazaretto Creek, off the coast of Tybee Island, GA.

This set comes packaged in a luxury black box and and canvas gift bag.

The 8.5oz candle will burn for up to 30 hours.

Palmetto Dawn

Scent: Rosemary, Pine, Peach

Burn to cleanse energy, draw fortune, and increase focus.


Scent: Coriander, Sage, Whiskey

Burn to draw love, wisdom and welcome new beginnings.


Scent: Sea Salt, Lily, Driftwood, Lavender

Burn to promote harmony, peaceful moments, and a calm spirit.

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